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Surprised at how much cash you have had to hand over for your sick pet? You really should consider protecting yourself against the high costs of vet fees with our guide to the leading online pet insurance sites.

It's estimated we spend more than £1 billion a year on veterinary bills, and the figure is rising.

Even something as seemingly straightforward as treating a dog with tummy trouble (or - to use the correct veterinary term - gastroenteritis) will cost £200.

Pet insurance is the surest way to protect against such expense. Costing from as little £5 per month for cats and about £8 per month for dogs, policies provide cover against visits to the vet or damage to a third person's property, or offer reimbursement if a pet is stolen or killed.

Other than a certain peace of mind, what do your premiums buy you? Policies generally provide around £5,000 in vet fees, £2 million of third party liability, and a death benefit of £500.

Good policies also cover for loss of a pet by theft or straying, the cost of advertising and rewards for lost pets, emergency kennels and holiday cancellation, alternative medicine and an allowance for travel to the vet.

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