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UK Property and Bills

In this section we try to provide a resource for anyone interested in property with links to conveyancing firms, houses for sale sites, and more.

We also have a great new service that ensures you get to see who are the best value gas and electricity suppliers in your area. You can instantly see what savings you will make and even allows you to confidently switch suppliers online.

Utilities UK Guide to Saving on your Gas and Power Bills

Phone Bills UK Guide to Saving on your Telephone Bills

Conveyancing UK Guide to Conveyancing Services

UK Property The QCK Guide to the property market in the United Kingdom

Avoiding Property Tax This unique and comprehensive guide is packed full of property tax saving advice that cannot be found in any other publication. Inside we explain how you can pay significantly less income tax and capital gains tax on your property investments and dealings.

Property Abroad If you are thinking about buying property abroad, here are some useful tips.

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