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Hotels, Hostels and Route Planning for Europe

To find a hotel at an intended stop over location in Europe, Britain Traveller has provided the following search engine.

First select an appropriate location along your route that suits your travel plans or a destination of choice. Then all you need to do is fill in the search engine form indicating the check in date and the check out date.

lastminute.com will then search for hotels in your chosen location returning a list of hotels with their rating and the cost per night. Simply select a hotel that meets your requirements and budget. There are many beautiful cities and locations throughout Europe that are wonderful places to visit on route. A driving holiday in Europe is a perfect way to take the opportunity to visit some of these places and spend a night or two.

If you are going to drive to the South of France for example you could visit Paris for an overnight stay or if you prefer to get further south then Orleons is approximately half way to the Mediterranean coast and still leaves the option to head off to the west coast and Bordeaux.

As a useful point of reference for establishing recommended routes in Europe with an indication of approximate travel costs, journey time and distance you can visit the Michelin Guide website. This is an excellent resource for route planning in Europe. So whether you are driving through France, Holland, Germany or any of the other European countries you will find useful information via this link to help you plan a sensible route and identify some good places to stop over. Or you can use the TomTom route planner.

Hostels Through Europe

An alternative to booking a hotel on route is to check out what Hostel Facilities are available. A great way to find an affordable place to stay especially for the younger generation and students looking to explore Europe on a budget. If driving through Europe is not an option for you, then check out the rail travel or bus travel options for Britain Travel.

Hotel Listings for Europe

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