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* 24/7 roadside assistance
* Priority service for those in a vulnerable situation
* More dedicated patrols than any other UK breakdown service
* An average arrival time of around 40 minutes
* Speed roadside repairs: on average a car is fixed within 30 minutes
* No extra charge for labour at the roadside
* Prices start from £28

Product Message:
Covered 365 days / 24hrs a day in any vehicle, Our patrols are highly trained and equipped, We’ll always find the fastest route to you with the help of global positioning and satellite navigation, AA doesn’t charge extra for labour if a roadside fix takes longer than expected, You’re the member not the car Perhaps you’re planning a trip to see relatives and need to check traffic along your route. Or maybe you’re hopping across to Europe on a short break. Whatever your plans for the coming holiday, make sure you’re prepared.Whether it’s travel insurance or breakdown cover you’re after, we have some special discounts to help make your money go further. Kids go free with AA Travel Insurance and you can get up to 30% off European Breakdown Cover when you buy it online.And remember, once you’re already an AA Member, your Membership card will give you access to a number of specially negotiated discounts, from 20% off food from outlets at Moto
service areas to special savings across Europe and USA through the Show Your Card! scheme. Check out the latest list of benefits.Here is some advice from The AA on how to care for your car this Spring
Every year, thousands of people blindly renew their home insurance with their current insurer, not realising that they could probably benefit from a superior level of cover at little, if any, extra cost.

Claims Service
Insurance is an unusual product. You pay an insurer money up-front in the hope that when something goes wrong in the future they will compensate you under the terms of the policy. A claims service which is fast, efficient and takes the stress out of any claim situation is important.

Breadth of Cover

Most insurance policies will cover you for a specified list of events (fire, explosion, theft, storm flood etc), but very few give full accidental loss and damage cover as standard.

Area of Cover
Insurance policies tend to clearly define where your possessions are covered. Many restrict cover to 'in the home' only, others have restrictive cover once items are taken outside the home and only a few provide comprehensive cover anywhere in the world. The top of the range cover is usually referred to as 'world-wide all-risks'.

Most insurance policies nowadays will insist on a minimum standard of window and door locks. Depending on your sums insured and where you live, you may also be asked to fit an alarm. The key thing to watch out for is that most insurers insist that your security is fully put into operation every time you leave the house or go to bed at night. Others are more relaxed and whilst asking for security, will leave it to your sensible discretion as to when it is used.

Valuable items
If you have a decent level of jewellery, watches, fine art, antiques or collections then you are probably going to be asked to specify individual items over a certain amount (usually £1,000) and also provide recent valuations upfront. A few insurers take a more lenient view and will insure these items under your home insurance policy without this hassle.

Check your policy to see the level of cover given for theft outside of your home. Some insurers will only pay a claim if 'forcible and violent entry to or exit from a building' is involved. Others will provide wider cover for any theft.

L imits
Check your policy for any monetary limits imposed on the cover. For example, theft from cars, theft of money, garden equipment, losses from outbuildings and pedal cycles. These limits not only vary widely between insurers, but some may not provide any cover at all.
Alternatively, here is a listing of popular providers of home and contents insurance:
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